Safety, protection and testing

Many operators, financial institutions and insurance companies who invest in innovative energy production, a continuous and efficient operation of the facilities is imperative to maintain a positive yield and capital reflux.
From my profession I know many CHP plants which are inadequately maintained and serviced, with regard to that an economical and safe operation is not guaranteed.
The reason for this is usually a lack of understanding by the operator or service provider concerning the relationships in the whole system of the power generation plant.
In addition to the resulting lower efficiency of the system there is a higher risk of damage, not only for the machine, but also in the worst case of injury or death of the operating personnel, for example, by explosion hazards or fire damage.
Preventive maintenance of the CHP unit by a renowned CHP service company helps to minimize the financial and safety risks for the CHP operator. As an appointed and publicly certified expert for combined heat and power generation with CHP-units I know all the complex interrelationships of these facilities as well as the technical and legal framework.

The review of maintenance and service contracts or the control of used or reconditioned CHP-units as well as the monitoring of maintenance and remain works is an additional protection for the operator, that the service which is useful for the plant will be done.

I would like to support you in increasing the availability, efficiency and security of your CHP plant (s). Such that the efficiency increased, the income is assured and damages will be avoided.


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