Exhaust gas measurements for gas and diesel engines

Exhaust gas measurements on gas and diesel engines will be done by Ermen-Engineering.

fyi exhaust measurent (PDF)

These exhaust gas measurements will be supporting the operators or service companies by the verification and control of exhaust gas emission values. An optimal combustion guarantees minimized energy consumption and emissions of the engine. The comprehensive measurement of exhaust emissions delivers important values about the number of pollutants and the exhaust gas measurements support the operator by optimizing the engine settings.

 The following emission values will be measured:

  • Carbon monoxide CO
  • Carbon dioxide CO2
  • Nitric oxide NO
  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • Hydrocarbons CxHy
  • Oxygen O2
  • Particles
  • Exhaust gas temperature

The emitted mass of the respective pollutant [g / kWh] will be calculated by measuring the specific exhaust gas emissions, the fuel consumption, the power output and the combustion air volume, humidity and temperature will be also measured. Furthermore, the technical data of the engine or the operating unit must be documented. The specific exhaust emissions [g / kWh] will be calculated and documented in accordance to the ISO 8178-4. The prerequisite for the measurement must be a 230 V power connection, access to the exhaust gas measuring point (preferably a probe opening in the exhaust pipe) and the possibility to measuring fuel and combustion air.

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