Reduction of emissions by using combined heat and power plants in Chile's trade and industry

In collaboration with a specialist company for development, Ermen-Engineering, on behalf of the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), created an overview of the various applications with CHP systems for a Chilean trade visitor delegation, which mainly consisted of university professors.
In a seminar, the participants were informed about the technology, maintenance, economic efficiency, etc. During the subsequent visit to the various systems, the Chilean participants got all information about the technology and the plant concepts directly from the operators.

In addition, Ermen-Engineering developed a concept for a CHP training center. It will be possible to use different hydraulic concepts by switching electrical valves, without that the structure of the system technology must be changed.
In this training center, various scenarios of the hydraulic integration and control-technical integration of CHP, boiler, heat storage and consumers can be simulated and tested.
The students will be learning independently by using the training manual, which was also developed by Ermen-Engineering, how to simulate errors, determine optimal operating points for each hydraulic system. They will get the knowledge about the limiting factors of the system technology without the actual risk of major damage.


Exchange of plate heat exchanger (PHE) of two CHP units for the heat transfer optimization

The manufacturer's standard PHE were designed for a heating circuit temperature level of 70/85°C with a CHP temperature level of 80/93 ° C.

The customer's requirement was that 90°C should be transmitted to the heating circuit without any change in the design data (volume flow and temperature spread) on the CHP circuit. If the designed values at the CHP circuit would be changed, the CHP manufacturer rejecting the warranty. The result after calculation and selection of a PHE by Ermen Engineering was a PHE with a larger transfer surface. Now it was possible to transfer the total heat from the CHP circuit to the heating circuit, which temperature level (75/90), previously 70/85, could be raised. The performance data, power, volume flow and pressure loss remained the same or decreased (pressure loss), so that structurally nothing had to be changed.

The CHP manufacturer accepted the new PHE. There were no restrictions on the warranty.



Performance test of a gasification (pyrolysis) system as part of an FW308 report

The material and energy flows were balanced as part of an FW308. This report must be done for not series produced CHP.
The amount of fuel (wood chips) was measured to record the energy consumption. Additionally, the calorific value was determined in the laboratory.

The electrical and thermal energy generated by the CHP-system was recorded with locally installed measuring devices and verified with the measurement technology from Ermen-Engineering.

Spark plugs comparison

 Gas engine spark plugs from various manufacturers and designs were examined on behalf of a supplier.


Evaluation of CHP and CHP systems

Ermen-Engineering prepares reports about the current value for CHP systems and power engines. The clients are usually operators and/or insurance companies.
The condition of the system, the performed maintenance, the surrounding and also the marketability will be assessed. The definition of valuation limits enables a statement about the current value. The client can take further steps with the information of the report, e.g. in case of selling or in the event of damage.


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